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Indra Behar

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why Marine Biology at the UW?

During my junior year, I toured UW and had the opportunity to attend a marine biology lecture and meet some awesome members of the SAFS faculty. That visit was responsible for me falling in love with UW’s scenic Pacific Northwest location and discovering that UW could offer the smaller, more intimate program size I preferred while still having access to great mentors, professors, and opportunities such as Friday Harbor.

How was your first quarter? Are UW and your classes what you expected?

First-quarter was a blast! I made new friends, took great classes on subjects I was interested in, explored some clubs, and even started a job on campus.

What was it like to transition from high school to college life?

Electrifying and terrifying. Moving from out of state to a school where I knew no one meant that I was surrounded by new people to meet and new experiences to explore. It was great to have a completely fresh start, but it wasn’t without its moments of confusion, disorientation, and loneliness. Luckily, participating in Early Fall Start made the process of adjusting to college life a million times easier. It allows you to take a course four weeks earlier, providing a head start on getting familiar with the campus and making connections with people who are also going through the same struggle of adapting to a new environment.

What are you looking forward to next?

I’m 110% excited to spend my first spring quarter in Friday Harbor! Besides that, I’m in the process of applying for summer internships and eagerly waiting to hear back from some interesting ones.


Polina Kritchko

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

What drew you to you UW to begin your education in Marine Biology?

Seeing Friday Harbor Labs in person and seeing the amazing campus and the work the faculty has done immediately drew me in.

What tips would you have for high school students applying for college?

Definitely talk to the advisor of the major you’re interested in! They’re usually excited to help any interested students out. That and tour campuses! A school can look great on paper but not feel like a fit in person.

What was it like to transition from high school to college life?

I was a Running Start student for the last 2 years of high school so I was ready for the structure of most college classes. The classes are huge though, so make sure you go to office hours. Living on campus away from home was definitely the biggest transition but has been a rewarding experience so far!

Were you surprised by anything in your first quarter?

I was surprised by how much free time I had between classes! I had a lot more time for extracurriculars after class and had time to study as well.

What are you looking forward to next?

I’m looking forward to applying to research internships for this summer! I would love to get the opportunity to do real fieldwork and see what research is like in the higher levels of academia.


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