Students are encouraged to take their learning out into the field with the following opportunities.

UW School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

  • Alaska Salmon Program: Six-week summer program studying salmon and aquatic ecology at field camps in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska
  • PAC-ISLES: A year-long research program punctuated by an overseas research experience in America Samoa (2019), Tonga (2020), or Pohnpei (2021), where they will study the history (anthropological and biological) and connectivity (historic and contemporary) of indigenous cultures and fish communities across Pacific islands.

Other Programs

  • Bamfield Marine Sciences Center (Barkley Sound, British Columbia): Courses and research opportunities.
  • Oregon Institute for Marine Biology (Charleston, Oregon): Summer course opportunities at the marine field station for the University of Oregon.
  • SEA Semster (Woods Hole, Massachusetts): Ocean focused study abroad programs on sailing vessels in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (Monterey, California): 10 week summer research internship program.
  • Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (Bermuda): courses and research experience opportunities for undergraduates.
  • Semester at WHOI (Woods Hole, Massachusetts): The program features a for-credit, semester-long research experience directly advised by a WHOI scientist or engineer as well as the opportunity to take graduate-level courses modified for undergraduate credit.


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