For over 100 years, Friday Harbor Laboratories (FHL) has been the marine field station for the University of Washington. Located just 70 miles North of Seattle in the scenic San Juan Islands, FHL is perfectly situated for teaching and research about the cool-temperate marine habitat known as the Salish Sea. Constant and convenient access to research vessels, field sites, labs and equipment support leading research in marine biology and oceanography: from ocean acidification to the ecology of the intertidal zone. Undergraduates will find a unique setting for their education, as you can attend FHL to take all your courses for quarters at a time. Whether you are a student in a marine science major, interested in science, or just want to learn more about the Pacific Northwest, you can start planning for a quarter at FHL today.

FHL November 2013

Why study at FHL?

  • Gain valuable experience in scientific research processes, methods and equipment
  • A close community where you get to know your teachers, students and other researchers by living at FHL
  • Courses apply to a variety of major and minor requirements in marine biology, and other related majors

Friday Harbor Laboratories

Visit the FHL website for a full history of the field station and details about the latest research and courses for students

Plan a Quarter at Friday Harbor Laboratories

Find out what’s involved with applying and registering for classes at FHL

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