Welcome to the “Current Topics in Marine Biology” Seminar for Spring 2021. This course will focus on issues and individuals across the marine biology discipline discussing their research and careers.

Researchers attaching a tag to a swordfish off the side of a boat

Explore the world’s oceans through the lens of a diverse cast of marine science professionals. Journey with them as they share behind-the-scenes stories from their careers and insights on how to solve today’s most challenging conservation and environmental issues. This weekly speaker series is facilitated by Dr. José Guzmán, and is open to all students.

Spring 2021
MARBIO 301 B (1cr lecture)
Tuesdays, 3:30 – 4:20 pm
Remote Instruction
Pre-reqs: None

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Speaker List

March 30
Jan Newton
Get the latest scoop: Ocean acidification in Puget Sound

April 6
Julieta Martinelli
Unveiling hidden stories in marine shells

April 13
Erin Meyer
The art of change: weaving together science, policy, engagement, and action

April 20
Eric Anderson
From seagrass to gray whales: One bird’s marine feeding strategies in a changing sea

April 27
Wu-Jung Lee
How to count fish with sound

May 4
Anoushka Concepcion
Seaweed Farming in the United States – an Overview

May 11
Charlie Waters
Lab coats, Russian cuisine, and the rainiest place in North America – studying salmon in the north Pacific

May 18
Ross Whippo
From the Poles to the Equator: Diving for Marine Ecology

May 25
Lisa Crosson
One fish, two fish, red fish, dead fish: managing infectious diseases in aquaculture

June 1
Jesse Zaneveld
Sickness & Symbiosis in Scleractinia: tracing microbiome composition and disease susceptibility across the tree of reef-building tropical corals


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