Marine Biology Major Approved Elective List

The following is the department’s list of approved upper-division courses which can be applied to the electives requirement of the Marine Biology Major. Please note that not all of these courses are approved for the Marine Biology Minor.

Requirement Summary

  • At least one course minimum from Biodiversity, Ecology and Ecosystems, and Organismal Processes
  • Minimum of 2 courses taken with lab sections
  • Maximum of 6 credits total of independent research
  • 3 courses must be taken at the 400 level
  • Additional elective courses to bring total credits to 25

How to Use the Table

Use the search box to filter the table by department, course number, or any word in the title. Click on column headers to sort the table by elective category. Current and prospective students can use the MyPlan tool to search for individual course details and add to an academic plan.

updated April 2019

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