Marine Biology is one of many excellent programs in marine and environmental science available at the University of Washington. All of these programs can be paired with a Minor in Marine Biology. We encourage you to explore related majors to find the program that is the best fit for your interests and career goals.


Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

I am most interested in: …how we manage and conserve marine & freshwater resources

topics: Resource management, quantitative analysis and modeling of fishery populations, anadromous fish, natural resource policy 

fun fact: Did you know that “fisheries” refers to more than just fish? “Fisheries” refers to how we manage a variety of aquatic resources including fish, shellfish, marine mammals, and seabirds!


I am most interested in: …how and why specific marine organisms function and evolve

topics: Physiology, evolution, and ecology of organisms

fun fact: Biology looks at organisms from two different lenses: “skin-in” (how do organisms function?) & “skin-out” (how do organisms interact with each other?).


I am most interested in: …how the marine environment impacts & interacts with life in the ocean

topics: Chemical, physical and geological processes that shape the marine environment; engineering of ocean technology

fun fact: UW Oceanography professor, Charles Eriksen and his team of ocean engineers have designed an autonomous underwater explorer (think underwater spaceship) called Deepglider that is investigating deep ocean waters to unlock secrets of climate change.


Other Related Majors

Marine Biology minors need not limit themselves to majors in Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Oceanography, or Biology. A marine biology minor can complement a variety of majors at the UW campus. Students in the minor come from across the campus: from closely related majors in marine and environmental sciences, to majors in the arts, social sciences and engineering. Your minor might represent a personal interest in the field, or it might relate to your major in surprising ways.

  • Health sciences: biomedical applications brought by the understanding of how marine organisms function
  • Engineering: design and engineering of autonomous underwater vehicles used in research
  • Business/economics: policy and economics of the management of aquatic resources
  • Social science: coastal community interaction with marine life; climate change impacts
  • Math/computer science: quantitative modeling of marine populations and environments

Other popular majors for marine biology minors

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