A Minor in Marine Biology can pair well with a variety of majors across campus. In addition to Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Oceanography, or Biology, you might be interested in one of these related majors:

Related Major consider if you are most interested in…
Biochemistry …the chemical processes of life
topics: DNA, proteins, cellular and molecular biology
fun fact: two faculty and one former student from the Department of Biochemistry have been awarded the Nobel Prize
Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) …ecology, conservation and management of the forest ecosystem
topics: Landscape ecology and conservation, sustainable forest management, wildlife conservation, restoration ecology
fun fact: Associate Professor Aaron Wirsing studies top level predators, which has him separately research wolves in the Rocky Mountains and sharks in the South Pacific.
Environmental Studies …how humans interact with the environment
topics: Environmental education, sustainability, food studies, environmental law and policy
fun fact: Environmental Studies offers major concentrations in the above topics to guide selection of courses
Psychology …animal behavior
topics: animal training, animal behavior patterns, animal communication
fun fact: The Psychology Department offers an interdisciplinary graduate program with an emphasis on animal behavior

Want help exploring environmental majors? Contact the College of the Environment Pre-Major Adviser coenvadv@uw.edu

Exploring other majors on campus or not sure where to start? Contact Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising in Mary Gates Hall.

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