Oceanography studies the marine environment and its interactions with the earth, the biosphere, and the atmosphere. The field examines the larger picture of the marine world the global processes governing the distribution, abundances, and interactions of life, chemicals, geological formations, and motion in the seas.

Relationship with Marine Biology


Pairs well with Marine Biology for students interested in the forces that shape the marine environment: how do ocean currents, chemistry and geology shape the habitat for marine life?

  • Sample courses used by both programs: Hydrothermal Systems: An Interdisciplinary View, Climatic Extremes


  • Students can focus their studies on earth sciences through emphases on geological, physical or chemical oceanography
  • Required senior capstone research includes data collection at sea from the R/V Thompson

Major requirements

Oceanography Adviser

Michelle Townsend
Undergraduate Academic Adviser
Ocean Teaching Building, Room 108

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