Aquatic & Fishery Sciences studies aquatic environments, the distribution and abundance of marine and freshwater species, and the sustainable use of ocean resources. AFS students explore the biology of aquatic organisms, the ecology of aquatic communities and habitats, and the issues surrounding resource conservation and management.

Baker River Sockeye-47Relationship with Marine Biology


Pairs well with Marine Biology for students interested in a focus on the conservation and management of marine resources: how do people interact with life in the ocean? What do we take from the oceans, and what do we put in?

  • Sample courses used by both programs: Fisheries Biology, Marine Mammalogy, Resource Economics for Management & Policy


  • Study of all aquatic environments, including freshwater makes for the ideal fit for students wanting to study salmon
  • Field opportunities include the Alaska Salmon Program

Major requirements

Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Adviser

Samantha Scherer
Student Services Manager and Undergraduate Adviser
Fishery Sciences Building, Suite 116

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