Want to study marine biology at UW? The resources below will help you start the process wherever you are in your academic career.

Marine Biology is an open major with no pre-requisites. Current UW students should contact the adviser to declare the major.

High school applicants

Recommendations for Current High School Students:

As you plan your high school coursework, we encourage you to complete the UW College Academic Distribution Requirements in combination with the following:

Complete the UW College Academic Distribution Requirements in combination with the following:

  • Math and Science Courses
    • Pre-calculus (preferred)
    • Calculus (optional)
    • Chemistry (preferred)
    • Biology (preferred)
    • Physics (optional)

Advanced Placement (AP): Earning credit depends on the test taken, the score earned and what equivalent UW course credit is granted as listed here: UW Admissions and Advanced Placement.

  • AP tests which can grant relevant course credit for the Marine Biology Major requirements (requires a specific score on AP tests):
    • Mathematics: Calculus AB or BC (MATH 124, 125)
    • Chemistry (CHEM 142, 152, 162)
    • Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics C: Mechanics, or Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (PHYS 114, 115, 121, 122)
  • AP tests which grant credit for courses not used in major (credit can be applied to general requirements):
    • Biology (BIOL 161 and BIOL 162)
    • Statistics (STAT 290)
    • Environmental Sciences (ESRM 100)

Juniors or Seniors starting the application process are encouraged to schedule a visit to campus. You can meet with the Marine Biology Adviser and tour the campus. Other activities such as class visits, info sessions, or lab tours may also be available depending on the time of year.

When you’re ready, apply at:

University of Washington Admissions

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