[course]: BIOL 240: new option for intensive, first-year general biology in summer term

Starting in summer 2018, students will have the option to take a full year of introductory biology through the new summer intensive BIOL 240: Introductory Biology course (15 credits). This series can be used as an alternative for all pre-reqs and major requirements for the BIOL 180, 200, and 220 series.

BIOL 240 Introductory Biology

BIOL 240 is a 15 credit Summer course that can be taken as an alternative to the three-quarter BIOL 180-200-220 Introductory Biology Series. It will be an exciting and high intensity, full-time academic commitment. Intended for, but not limited to, students interested in health professions. BIOL 240 is focused on human biology and is designed to teach the topics of cell and molecular biology, animal and plant physiology, and ecology and evolution as they relate to human health. Rather than addressing each topic separately, the course fully integrates these topics through the use of case-studies on subjects such as antibiotic resistance, opioid addiction, and cancer. The course is taught using the latest evidence-based teaching methods, and instructors for the course have published in the field of biology education research. For more information, including draft lecture and lab schedule, click HERE.