Cape RADD: Dive training and research experience in South Africa (fee based, non-credit program)

(Joe): basic to advanced dive training opportunities in Cape Town, South Africa with some accompanied research opportunities. This does not look for a program which will qualify for academic credit, but could be an interesting opportunity for professional development!

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Cape RADD is a new marine field course which specializes in teching SCUBA diving and free diving as approaches to data collection on the marine ecology of South Africa. We facilitate training courses for individuals or groups who want to learn more about the marine environment, conservation and research through hands on field experience and diver development. Cape RADD courses include training in multiple data collection and field operation techniques, theoretical workshops and presentations from field biologists and dive experts in their field.

As a Cape RADD student you will enrol in a fascinating and hugely rewarding programme that will give students a hands on experience and valuable contribution to the marine research projects taking place at Cape RADD. The field training and diver development programme gives students an opportunity to be involved with research projects, collecting data and gaining knowledge and understanding of the techniques, methods and challenges experienced in the field whilst working alongside field biologists and dive experts. Throughout this course students will also complete theoretical workshops on subjects relating to your practical training.

This programme is designed for students and graduates with a marine biology interest looking to gain extra knowledge and field experience in their area of training, to develop new skills and show some real life experience on their CV.

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