[event]: Seattle Aquarium Nighttime Beach Walks (Alki Beach, Seattle, 12/2, 1/28)

courtesy of on of our fabulous MB minors who volunteers as a Beach Naturalist with the Seattle Aquarium:

Nighttime low-tide walk at Constellation Park (South Alki) in West Seattle. Hosted by the Seattle Aquarium’s Beach Naturalists.

The Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalists are hosting two special nighttime low tide beach walks this Winter, and I thought it might be of interest to the Marine Biology club, or you might be interested in noting it on the blog.

As low tides shift later in the day during wintertime, intertidal critters are able to be more active and rare nocturnal organisms often make special appearances. These beach walks are a super fun and unique experience!
To those interested— these events are completely free, all you need to bring is your curiosity! And, of course, very warm clothing and preferably water-tight shoes. Headlamps are very useful, but not necessary. Tons of excited and knowledgable Beach Naturalists will be on the beach to help ID creatures, and answer questions, and explore the intertidal.
Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 8-10pm (-2.14 ft tide!)
Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 7-9pm (-1.65 ft tide)
Constellation Park/ South Alki Beach
63rd Ave SW and Beach Dr. SW

Volunteer with the Cedar River Salmon Journey program

We are currently recruiting volunteer naturalists for the Cedar River Salmon Journey program and would appreciate your help in sharing this volunteer opportunity with your students at UW. They have always been amazing volunteers and we really appreciate your support of CRSJ.

The Cedar River Salmon Journey program helps to educate Puget Sound residents about salmon and watershed health through high quality interpretative programs at salmon viewing locations in the Cedar River Watershed. Naturalists share their love and knowledge of the Cedar River Watershed, the salmon that share the river with us and the everyday actions we can all take to help salmon thrive.

I have attached a flyer with additional information and included a short blurb below which you are welcome to share. Thank you in advance for helping spread awareness of our program and helping us to recruit volunteers, we greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, I am happy to help.

Help teach about salmon and the Cedar River—become a volunteer naturalist!

Share your community treasure! Become a volunteer naturalist on the Cedar River and learn about one of the world’s amazing wildlife migrations, which runs through the heart of Seattle, Renton and on up into Maple Valley! Naturalists will receive 20 hours of training from fish and watershed experts in September. Then they’ll spend three days along the river in October, talking to the public about the spawning salmon and the natural and human history of the Cedar River Watershed.

Sponsors of the program, now entering its 20th year, include the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Public Utilities, King County Flood Control District, City of Renton, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the WRIA8 Salmon Recovery Council.

Contact Dani Kendall at salmonjourney@seattleaquarium.org or call (206) 792-5851 to sign up. Training starts September 7, 2017.


Dani Kendall
Field Programs Lead
Seattle Aquarium
1483 Alaskan Way | Pier 59 | Seattle, WA 98101-2015

Seattle Aquarium 2017 spring/summer job opportunities

2017 spring/summer job opportunities

As the region’s premier resource for hands-on marine science experiences and conservation education, the Seattle Aquarium offers fun, exciting ways to discover more about amazing Puget Sound and our world’s one big ocean. Join us in our mission: Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.

The Seattle Aquarium’s conservation and education department is hiring seasonal positions for spring and summer 2017. Multiple positions are available, working with a variety of audiences: school groups, the general public on local beaches, and summer camp participants.

The conservation and education department focuses on providing valuable, inclusive, innovative and entertaining experiences for our audiences. If you are excited about engaging diverse audiences in order to inspire conservation of our marine environment,we want to talk to you!

We are accepting applications for the following part-time, temporary positions:

  • Beach captain (60–80 hours average, February–November)
  • Camp counselor (435 hours average, June–August)
  • Camp lead instructor (475 hours average, June–August)
  • Camp operations lead (530 hours average, June–August)
  • Citizen science instructor (170 hours average, February–June)
  • Greeter/ticket taker (400 hours average, April–early September)
  • Marine science instructor (250 hours average, February–June)

To apply: To view all open job descriptions and application instructions, visit SeattleAquarium.org/jobs.

Application deadlines vary from as early as December 30, 2016 to “open until filled.”
Visit our job board to read specific application deadlines and instructions.

The Seattle Aquarium is a progressive, equal opportunity employer that values a diverse workforce. All candidates are encouraged to apply.

[job]: Youth Engagement Mentor I (temp), Seattle Aquarium (Seattle, WA)


Seattle Aquarium seeks two part time, temporary youth engagement mentors to join the volunteer engagement team. These positions work within the youth engagement team to support the efforts of 130–160 high-school-age youth serving in the Youth Ocean Advocates volunteer program. Youth engagement mentors educate youth on marine science topics and interpretation, support and mentor youth in their volunteer roles, and ensure excellent experiences for both youth volunteers and Aquarium visitors. This position will also implement opportunities for high school volunteers to participate in field conservation, field trips and continuing education trainings.
For more information, click here.

Posting expires: October 6, 2016

Seattle Aquarium is Hiring Now: 3 great opportunities for current students

Looking to build work experience with the Seattle Aquarium? Interested in environmental education or community engagement? Check out the following three opportunities. All are hiring now, and many of these would work great for current undergrads.

Lead Camp Instructor

Status: Non-exempt/hourly—this is a temporary position.
Hours of work: Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm or 8am–5pm depending on shift assignment.
Duration: Must be available on-site June 20–August 19, 2016 (includes week of training).
Seeking: Two camp lead instructors. Leads must be available all set dates/times.
Dated needed: June 1, 2016: off-site computer work; June 20, 2016: report on-site. Posting expires: Open until filled.

Position overview: Camp lead instructors’ primary role is to lead and oversee all operations of their assigned camp sessions, carry out schedules (created by our marine educators) and lead the camp counselors, volunteers and children in their assigned camp sessions. Camp lead instructors must quickly establish and build positive relationships with summer program staff, volunteers, interns, campers, families and our partner programs. Each day varies greatly. Willingness to adapt from office tasks, guiding camp staff and volunteers to instructing classes with ages varying from early childhood to adult is essential.

[full job post]

Beach Captain

Status: Part time, temporary
Hours of work:
Variable based on pre-scheduled beach dates. Must be available for the following training dates:

February 23, 6:30–9pm
March 2, 5:45–9pm
March 8, 5:45–9:30pm
March 13, 12:45–3:45pm
April 10, 8:30am– 2:30pm, includes beach training;
April 19, 5:45–9:30pm
May 8, 11:30am–2pm
May 16, 5:45–9:30pm
May 22, 10:30am–1pm.

Date needed: February 23, 2016
Posting expires: February 2, 2016

Position description: The Seattle Aquarium is hiring two Beach Naturalist program beach captains to support and supervise teams of volunteers to engage the public at Seattle-area beaches during low tides this spring and summer. The beach captain works with and supports beach naturalists to educate visitors about beach ecology and beach etiquette. One beach captain will also take on some small administrative support tasks as a program assistant; details listed below in section B. Both positions will support the efforts of the Community Engagement section to reach the “community” goal as expressed in the Seattle Aquarium Strategic Plan 2011–2030: “Ensure that we are inclusive and welcoming to all segments of the community.” Ideal candidates will have experience working with volunteers either in leadership roles or as volunteers themselves and be skillful at interacting and communicating with the public in a positive way through one-on-one, small family groups or larger group interactions, such school field trips or summer camp groups. Beach captains rely on good interpretation skills, knowledge of marine science and conservation, and the ability to engage diverse audiences in an inclusive and welcoming manner. Beach captains must be organized and self-motivated, have a valid Washington state driver’s license and current first aid/CPR certifications.

[full job post]

Camp Counselor

Status: Non-exempt/hourly—this is a temporary position.
Hours of work: Monday–Friday, 7:30am–4:30pm or 9am–6pm depending on shift assignment.
Duration: Must be available on-site June 20–August 19, 2016 (includes week of training).
Seeking: Four camp counselors. Counselors must be available all set dates/times.
Dates needed: June 1, 2016: off-site computer work; June 20, 2016: report on-site.
Posting expires: Open until filled.

Position overview: Seattle Aquarium marine summer camp counselors are role models working with a professional team of camp staff, high school volunteers, campers and their families. Campers range in age from 4 to 16 years old and are grouped by a spectrum of grade levels. You will work with all ages of campers while leading a group of up to 10 campers in all aspects of camp programming.

[full job post]