Wildlands Studies Student Info Session Thursday, November 5, 4 pm Anderson 22

Wildlands Studies field projects provide students with the opportunity to join backcountry study teams as working field associates, studying environmental impact assessment, environmental policy, geologic, climatic and topographic factors that support various habitats, and the relationships between environments and culture. Most participants are undergraduates who join us on site from all over North America and Canada. Each program grants 4-12 units of upper division semester credit that easily transfers to University of Washington. Project teams consist of 8-16 participants working with a course instructor who provides onsite instruction and directs all field study activities.

This season students can choose among twenty wildlife, wildland and cultural ecology field studies searching for solutions to environmental and cultural challenges. Field studies take place in: Yellowstone, Big Sur (California), Banff (Canada), California Channel Islands, Vancouver Island, Fiji, Belize, South Africa, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Thailand, Nepal, Indian Himalaya, Costa Rica, Panama, Baja, Australia, and New Zealand. Information on all of our programs is available on our website: www.wildlandsstudies.com. Our email address is wildlands@wildlandsstudies.com.

Please join us at the Student Information Session for PIZZA to learn how to participate.