Shoals Marine Lab Summer Courses

Study marine science this summer on an Island Campus!

Undergraduate Courses

Gain hands-on field experience during 1-week and 2-week courses at the Shoals Marine Laboratory!

  • Marine Ecology
  • Field Oceanography
  • Marine Mammal Biology
  • Sustainable Fisheries
  • Underwater Research
  • Animal Behavior
  • Ornithology
  • Engineering
  • Marine Invertebrates
    …and more!

Register for 4 courses in one summer and join the new
Shoals Semester Program, a full semester of credits!

Shoals Research Apprenticeship

Combine SML’s Investigative Marine Biology Laboratory
course with a 2-week Shoals Research Apprenticeship
to conduct your own independent research project. Build
your resume for future research internships.

Scholarships Available

Need-based scholarships are available for undergraduate
students who apply! SML also offers paid student jobs to
offset tuition costs.

Paid Research Internships

Apply for paid research internships at SML. Live and work
on the island for 2-10 weeks with mentoring from faculty
and scientists. Join an active community of researchers!

Shoals Marine Laboratory is operated jointly by the University of New Hampshire and Cornell University.
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Marine Science Summer Camp Instructors (Kodiak Village, AK)

Marine Science Summer Camp Instructors in Alaska’s Kodiak Island

I am looking for adventurous Camp teachers for a Marine Science summer camp in a remote Native village on Kodiak Island, Alaska July 18-22 with a 2-day prep. workshop in Kodiak July 15,16.

  • you love teaching kids about the ocean
  • you have some experience leading kids in hands-on activities
  • you can adapt to changing situations quickly
  • you are ready to live rough and work hard for a week
  • you are curious and willing to learn about the Aleutiq life style
  • a bit of rain and cold does not bother you
  • you are ready to work and live as part of a team
  • you have some prior experience teaching ocean science

I am looking for four Camp teachers and will apply for a travel assistance grant in the order of $1000.- per person to cover travel from Anchorage to Kodiak and from there by small fixed-wing aircraft to Old Harbor as well as food expenses. We will be camping on cots in an old house and making our own meals. I will put people up at my house for the Kodiak workshop.

For more information please email me at

Switgard Duesterloh
Asst. Prof. Marine Biology Kodiak College
Kodiak Ocean Science Discovery Program
P.O. Box 2787
Kodiak, AK 99615

Summer 2016 Course: Biology & Biodiversity of Fishes of NW Florida & the Gulf of Mexico

dates: May 30 – June 10
location: The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory

Course Description

ZOO 4454 & ZOO 5935 (4 hrs)
Prerequisites: Core Biology Courses (e.g., BSC 2010, BSC 2011 lectures & labs or their equivalents, or permission of the instructor)

This course provides an overview of the evolution, systematics, morphology, ecology, physiology, and life history of the most diverse group of vertebrates on earth, the fishes. Subjects will be presented through highly-illustrated lectures, diverse field experiences and a series of laboratory exercises.

The field component is quite strong, introducing students to estuarine, marine, and freshwater habitats in the region. Students will gain hands-on experience with capture methods for species ranging from small stream fishes to large sharks.

Contact Dr. Grubbs to preregister

find out more at: