Field Assistant – University of Washington & King County

The University of Washington and King County has a great opportunity for a temporary hourly Field Assistant. The two have come together to carry out a project entitled “Floating Treatment Wetlands Reduce Contaminants & Nutrients in Urban Stormwater Runoff”. The purpose of the research is to test coho mortality from direct stormwater and to determine the necessary contact time for stormwater with the floating wetlands to adequately remove metals and contaminants that will significantly reduce coho juvenile mortality and adult pre-spawn mortality.

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2019 UW Exploration Seminar: Andes to Amazon: Biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability in Peru

flyer for 2019 Andes to Amazon study abroad

Exploration of the great biodiversity of one of the most pristine Amazonian rainforest, and of the use of natural resources in the Andes of Peru

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Marine Mammal Session: Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology/WA Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting (2/28/19)

On February 28th, 2019, a marine mammal special session consisting of 18 speakers will be
held. The talks will cover cetaceans (whales), pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) and mustelids
(sea otters)…This special session will take place from 9am till 5pm with a couple of breaks and a hour
for lunch. The meeting will take place in between Olympia and Centralia, WA (Great Wolf

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IPHC Sea Sampler Employment Opportunities for Summer 2019

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) will be conducting comprehensive a Fishery-Independent Setline Survey (FISS) ranging from the West Coast of the USA and Canada to the Aleutian chain and Bering Sea in the summer of 2019. The FISS will be conducted aboard chartered commercial longline fishing vessels with a scientific crew of two to three Sea Samplers aboard each vessel. Additionally, the IPHC will deploy Sea Samplers on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries trawl surveys, which consist of a scientific crew of five to six including the one IPHC representative. There are two NOAA Fisheries trawl surveys planned for 2019.

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Association for Women in Science Seattle Chapter Scholarship (deadline March 1)

Open to women who will be juniors or seniors at a four-year college or university in the state of Washington in the Fall of 2019. Applicants must have a declared major in the sciences, engineering or mathematics, and must have a United States issued social security number.

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UW Exploration Seminar: Natural and Cultural History of Costa Rica (September, 2019)

Applications are now open for the Exploration Seminar, Natural and Cultural History of Costa Rica.  This course is a 5 credit Study Abroad course (see notes below about credits) and the travel dates fall in between Summer and Autumn quarters (Program dates: 8/27/19 – 9/19/19). The course is led by Drs. John Marzluff and Patrick Tobin, and graduate student Robert Tournay.

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REU: Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Integrated Studies in a Rapidly Warming Fishery Ecosystem

One of the foremost challenges of our times is to understand the impacts of climate change on our coupled natural and human systems. This includes documenting and monitoring change, as well as predicting and mitigating future impacts of climate change on ecosystems around the world. Very few places are witnessing the effects of climate change more intensely than the Gulf of Maine, which has been warming faster than 99.9% of the global ocean. As such, GMRI is strategically positioned to conduct cutting-edge research on this issue, and we welcome this opportunity to invite undergraduate students to take part in our work.

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Field Biologist, Coastal Watershed Institute (Port Angeles, WA) deadline 1/14/19

The field biologist is an entry level technical position responsible for all field aspects of monitoring, and workshop coordination for a number of CWI scientific projects led by the CWI executive director/lead scientist.   Specifically the position is responsible for all field components of monitoring and scientific data collection, including sampling coordination and gear maintenance.

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Volunteer with UW EarthDay 2019

The UW’s 2019 Earth Day celebrations will be April 22, 2019, on the HUB Lawn, part of the larger Earth Week celebrations. Students who are interested in being a part of the Earth Day planning committee can email Toren Elste, UW Sustainability Program Specialist, at 

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[seasonal, part-time] Beach Naturalist, City of Edmonds

5-20 hours per week of seasonal employment as a Beach Naturalist (Ranger Naturalist I) with the City of Edmonds, WA. Under the direction of the Environmental Education and Sustainability Coordinator, Ranger Naturalists primarily promote marine conservation by interpreting marine ecology in classrooms and in parks, emphasizing awareness and protection of, and appreciation for the marine environment and the Puget Sound watershed. Some interpretive work also occurs in a forest setting.

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