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Island Time: Student Spotlight with Delaney Lawson

Last quarter we caught up with Delaney Lawson who was down on South Caicos as part of a study abroad experience with the School for Field Studies (SFS). Delaney is currently a sophomore at the University of Washington double majoring in Marine Biology and Aquatic and Fishery Sciences while also minoring in Comparative Religion.
Can you talk a little bit about where you are now and what you’re doing? 

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Student Spotlight: An Interview with Katie Hearther

Katie Hearther is a double major in both Marine Biology and Oceanography here at the University of Washington as well as a minor in Arctic Studies. She sat down with us to discuss her trajectory as a student, internship opportunities, and advice for prospective and current students interested in the marine sciences.
Why Marine Biology and what drew you to the marine science programs here at the University of Washington? 

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Student Spotlight: An Interview with Jonathan Huie

Jonathan Huie is a recent graduate of both the UW Marine Biology and Aquatic and Fishery Sciences degrees. He is currently working at Friday Harbor Labs in the San Juan Islands as a lab technician. Part of his duties includes CT scanning UW Burke specimens as part of the NSF funded effort to scan all vertebrates and upload them to an online and open-source database. He kindly answered a few of our questions about his undergraduate experience as well as offered some advice for students thinking about pursuing a career in marine biology.

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Dive in with SeaDawgs! UW’s Marine Biology Club

SeaDawgs is the official UW Marine Biology club open to all undergraduate students interested in marine environments, conservation issues, or just want to know more about the local wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. The group’s goal is to build a community of students who are passionate about marine science through social events, volunteer work, academic seminars and research, and other social projects.

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Exploring the Phoenix Islands Protected Area with SEA Semester

The SSV Robert C. Seamanss alongside Nikumaroro.

Andrew Chin, a senior double majoring in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and Marine Biology shares his month-long experience sailing South Pacific with the SEA Semester program

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Amanda Gardiner: Marine Biology in Cape Town, South Africa with Cape RADD

Hi everybody! I’m Amanda Gardiner, a junior here at UW pursuing a BS in Biochemistry and Biological Oceanography with minors in Marine Biology and Paleobiology, along with a BA in English – Creative Writing Emphasis. All of these academics mean that my summers are normally filled with classes. This past summer I discovered my new favorite classroom: Cape Town, South Africa!

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Marine Bio Student Profile: Abby von Hagel

Abby von Hagel is a student from Seattle in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program pursuing a Major in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and a Minor in Marine Biology with plans to graduate in 2019. We talked with Abby to find out what inspires her to study marine biology and to learn how an introductory course led to her researching at the UW’s marine field station at Friday Harbor Labs.

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[UW Today]: UW oceanography senior finds plastic microfibers are common on Puget Sound beaches

Profile picture of Frances Eshom-Arzadon

As the infamous floating “garbage patch” churns up bits of plastic in the tropical Pacific Ocean, a University of Washington undergraduate has discovered a related problem much closer to home: nearly invisible bits of plastic on Puget Sound beaches.

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Autumn Quarter at Friday Harbor Labs

The dock at FHL

Junior Hyejoo Ro is pursuing a major in Aquatic & Fishery Sciences and a minor in Marine Biology. Learn what it was like to study and research for a full quarter last autumn at the UW’s marine field station Friday Harbor Labs.

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Drew McWhirter: Becoming a Certified Scientific Diver

kelp forest underwater

There was never any doubt that Marine Biology minor and Oceanography major Drew McWhirter loved the ocean. While living on Oahu for three years in middle school, he surfed, paddled canoes, snorkeled, played water polo and was a junior lifeguard. While he always wanted to learn how to dive, it wasn’t until he got into the colder waters of the Pacific Northwest that he decided to get started. 

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