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Letter from the UW President About Tent City 3

Learn more about our new winter quarter neighbors in Tent City 3 (the location selected is adjacent to the Fishery Sciences Building) from UW President Ana Mari Cauce:

Winter is approaching, and with it the need for shelter for our neighbors who find themselves without permanent housing only grows.
Earlier this year, at the request of the Tent City Collective – a group of students, alumni and Tent City 3 residents – our University engaged in a public process to assess whether we should host Tent City 3 for 90 days during the winter quarter. 

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[FHL Tide Bites] An Intertidal Compass!

from “Tide Bites“, the monthly newsletter from Friday Harbor Labs
An Intertidal Compass!
by Julia Sigwart
Dr. Julia Sigwart is an Associate Professor and the Associate Director of the Queen’s University Marine Laboratory in Northern Ireland. She is currently back home on the west coast on an extended research sabbatical at University of California, Berkeley, funded by the European Commission. Her research on the evolution of chitons and other marine creatures covers many different aspects, from fossils to neurobiology, which provides a good reason to do all sorts of fun experiments all over the world. 

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[UW Today] Ocean acidification study offers warnings for marine life, habitats

Acidification of the world’s oceans could drive a cascading loss of biodiversity in some marine habitats, according to research published Nov. 21 in Nature Climate Change.
The work by biodiversity researchers from the University of British Columbia, the University of Washington and colleagues in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan and China, combines dozens of existing studies to paint a more nuanced picture of the impact of ocean acidification. 

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[UW Today] “Our closest worm kin regrow body parts, raising hopes of regeneration in humans”

Think marine biology isn’t related to human health? Read a profile of the research done by Professor Billie Swalla and UW Biology doctoral student Shawn Luttrell on the regeneration properties of the acorn worm.
A new study of one of our closest invertebrate relatives, the acorn worm, reveals that this feat might one day be possible. Acorn worms burrow in the sand around coral reefs, but their ancestral relationship to chordates means they have a genetic makeup and body plan surprisingly similar to ours. 

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First sighting of invasive European green crab on San Juan Island

Friday Harbor Labs was recently in the news due to the first live European green crab caught after 19 years of monitoring for the arrival of this invasive species? Why is this a big deal? What part did FHL and Washington Sea Grant researchers play in this? How can you help? Read more through the most recent issue of the FHL Tide Bites newsletter. 

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Ocean Observatories Initiative news story on UW Today

“See, hear and study the deep sea: Ocean Observatories Initiative data now live“
Check out a livestream from a more exotic source than usual: the bottom of the ocean off the Oregon Coast. Read more on UW Today about how data from the Ocean Observatories Initative is available to the public. Current UW students interested in learning more can take OCEAN 121: Deep Sea Vents or OCEAN 454: Hydrothermal Systems in winter. 

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Video of FHL field trip to Botanical Beach

[Out of This World: the Minnesota Seaside Station]
Click the link above for a great video shadowing the 2015 students of Friday Harbor Labs’ “Zoo/Bot” quarter on their multi-day camping trip to Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island. Find out what makes Botanical Beach special, what it has to do with Minnesota, and what UW students do there.
This trip is an annual part of the zoo/bot quarter, and there is still time to apply to study at FHL in spring 2016 (deadline: February 1). 

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SAFS in the News: Scientist captures amazing photos of massive Alaskan sockeye salmon run

originally shared on the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Student Services Blog
SAFS alumnus Jason Ching is featured on the Mother Nature Network:
“If the realms of science and art seems worlds away from each other, you’d be gravely mistaken. After all, when you’re studying the science behind the world around us, how can you not feel inspired by its sublime beauty? 

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Fisheries alum creates YouTube series “Nature Meets Paper”

Learn more about Arctic marine animals such as the Arctic Charr as School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences alum Brandon Ringstad works on a painting. Check out one of his videos below, and see his “Nature Meets Paper” series on YouTube. 

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CoEnv Dean’s Letter: It’s time to imagine plausible and desirable futures

Dean Lisa Graumlich addresses how the College of the Environment is facing the challenges of the ‘Anthropocene’, and how researchers move beyond being seen as the ‘oracles of disaster’.
…read the full letter on the College of the Environment News page 

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