New career resources at the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Great new resources that are definitely relevant to Marine Biology undergraduates via the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Hello all,
In the last several months, a small committee of SAFS folx have worked to create two new online resources for SAFS majors – the intent was to highlight and expand on research, internships, and career resources/opportunities for undergraduate students. We are happy to share the new resources with you!
Includes information on finding opportunities, getting credit, and lists current research/internship opportunities in (or partnering with) SAFS!
Undergraduate Opportunities & Career Resources:
Includes information on applying to grad school, professional development, and links to job and opportunity boards.
Thanks go to Eleni Petrou, Danielle Claar, Juno O’Neill, and Dan DiNicola for their hard work on this new content!
We will be updating these sites with new opportunities and resources as often as we can. If you have feedback or any resources to add, feel free to email me – I can’t guarantee everything will be added but will definitely take a look.

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