National Student Leadership Conference on Marine Biology Team Advisor (Seattle, WA)


National Student Leadership Conference on Marine Biology

Since 1989, thousands of outstanding high school students have attended the NSLC to explore today’s most exciting careers, develop essential leadership skills, and experience life on a college campus. The NSLC on Marine Biology is a 9-day conference providing talented high school students from around the world with hands on marine biology experience, opportunities to meet working professionals, and visits to marine biology related facilities.  Under the guidance of their Team Advisors, these students will explore various fields in marine biology, discuss ethical issues impacting the field, and participate in a variety of marine biology lab experiences and projects.

The Role of the Team Advisor

Team Advisors (TAs) act as facilitators, presenters, simulation monitors, and resident advisors. The job of a TA encompasses the role of a chaperone, teacher, mentor, and policy enforcer. As a TA, you will facilitate and supervise a group of 12-16 students. Many TAs will also lead activities, simulations, and lectures attended by all students. Working with your TA group is an amazing experience as you watch your students make friends for life and experience the world of marine biology in a personal way. This is a unique opportunity to serve as a mentor and role model for talented young students and share your passion for and knowledge of topics within the fields associated with marine biology. Team Advisors arrive on-site 3-4 days before students arrive in order to participate in orientation and training and stay for two 9-day sessions.

Requirements for Employment

Team Advisors must be current college students or recent college graduates with a background and interest in some discipline within marine biology. The core focus of NSLC is on leadership. Candidates should have leadership experience. The NSLC is looking for TAs with backgrounds in a variety of fields including marine biology, cellular biology, environmental science, sustainability, economics and policy, etc. Training days prior to the start of session are mandatory. When applying, please submit a cover letter and résumé along with your application.

Dates & Compensation

Team Advisors will be paid $765 at the end of each session. The NSLC pays for room & board, as well as transportation to and from the conference.  For more information, visit are now being accepted.  In 2021, the NSLC on Marine Biology will be held on the campus of The University of Washington located in Seattle, Washington.


Seattle, WA
University of Washington
July 25 – August 2
August 6 – August 14