FISH/Q SCI 458: Advanced Ecological Modeling (Spring, 2020)

this course can fulfill marine biology major elective requirements.

FISH/Q SCI 458 Advanced Ecological Modeling
Predator-prey dynamics! Age-structured models of animal populations! Predict impacts of marine-protected areas on fish catch and behavior! More!
SLN 14494
4 credits (will change to 5cr)
MWF 1030-1120; TH 100-250
Recommended preparation: FISH 454, FISH 553, or equivalent R-programming ability
Instructor: Dr. Trevor Branch,
Topics include:
  • Developing age-structured models of animal populations
  • Predator-prey dynamics
  • Predicting impacts of marine protected areas on fish catches and fishing behavior
  • Coding and developing Bayesian models to assess fish and whale populations
NOTE: This course will count towards the Q SCI minor!
FISH/Q SCI 458 course flyer