Society and the Oceans (SMEA/ENVIR/JSISB 103), Spring 2020

note: while this course does not apply specifically to requirements of the Marine Biology Major or Minor, it can be applied to general ‘areas of knowledge‘ requirements of an overall Bachelor’s degree.

Society and the Oceans SMEA/ENVIR/JSISB 103
Counts toward both I&S and NW credit requirements
5 Credits, Spring 2020
Professor Patrick Christie
Meets MWF 12:30-1:50 PM. Mary Gates Hall 231.

Class focus: Today the oceans have become the ultimate proving ground of whether humans are capable of achieving a sustainable relationship with a planet showing increasing signs of stress. Dealing with these complex human-environment interactions requires study rooted in both the social and natural sciences and responses that employ difficult-to-develop institutional arrangements. Students will learn how human values, institutions, culture, and history shape environmental issues and policy responses. The course consists of four units: an introduction to how human values and interests shape our interactions, through time, with the marine environment; an examination of the concept of “tragedy of the commons”; a review of Washington State salmon and Southeast Asia coral reef marine environmental issues and current policy responses; and charting a path for marine policy. Lectures, discussion, and short writing exercises will be used in class.

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