NW Fisheries Science Center Ocean Acidification Internship (Seattle, WA)

note: limited to U.S. Nationals

Project Title: Potential effects of ocean acidification on Dungeness crab larvae.

Institution: NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Location: 2725 Montlake Blvd. E., Seattle (2 blocks from UW)

Dates Available: Winter and/or Spring Term 2020

Hours: Flexible

Contact: Paul McElhany (paul.mcelhany@noaa.gov)

UW Research Credit Possibility: Yes

Requirements: Must be a student, must obtain NOAA ID (limited to U.S. Nationals)

Project Description:

The NOAA NWFSC ocean acidification research group is looking for volunteer interns to help with experiments evaluating the potential effects of ocean acidification of Dungeness crab larvae. In the winter/spring of 2020, we will rear Dungeness crab larvae collected from different populations under controlled CO2 conditions at out Montlake lab. In these experiments, we will explore population differences in survival, development rate, and calcification processes. The calcification experiments will use non-radioactive calcium isotopes to trace calcification/dissolution dynamics. The intern will work with NWFSC researchers to develop original experimental equipment, rear crab larvae, measure seawater chemistry, maintain experimental records and analyze data. Opportunities for independent research side-projects will depend on the capacities of the lab and the interests and time availability of the student.

to apply: send a cover letter and resume to Paul McElhany (paul.mcelhany@noaa.gov)