Temporary Laboratory Technician, Hatfield Marine Science Center (Newport, OR)

full position description and application

IEc, working under the direction of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is seeking a candidate with experience in fish husbandry to assist with a laboratory experiment evaluating the impacts of anthropogenic stressors on growth and disease in juvenile fish. The successful candidate will be responsible for fish husbandry, including following laboratory-wide animal care guidelines, preparing feed, assessing water quality, collecting and recording data, and following best management practices for keeping a clean laboratory environment. In particular, tasks may include the following:

  • Maintaining the health of fish eggs, fry, and fingerlings. This may be accomplished by cleaning tanks, moving fish when required, monitoring fish activity; monitoring influent and effluent treatment systems and change filters as needed; weigh, deliver, and record experimental feeds for individual tanks; and determine water quality parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH.
  • Maintaining an organized laboratory. This may include keeping the laboratory stocked with general supplies, maintaining equipment, practicing good chemical hygiene practices, and adhering to laboratory safety protocols.
  • Assisting with growth measurements. This may include determining weight and length of exposed and control fish, conducting necropsies, and recording data.
  • Assisting with disease challenge. This may include exposing fish to bacteria, conducting necropsies, and recording data.
  • Recording experimental activities. This may include maintaining a daily lab notebook, recording data on paper and/or electronic data sheets, and transcribing written records and data into an electronic database.

The successful candidate will work at the direction of IEc and NOAA laboratory staff.

Position Type: Full time, temporary laboratory technician
Start Date: 16 December 2019
End Date: 15 June 2020
Location: Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field (e.g., Biology, Fisheries Science) is required. Relevant work experience is preferred.

To Apply: Provide a resume, cover letter, transcript, and references