UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences 100 Year Celebration and 2019 Bevan Symposium

SAFS 100 Year Celebration Speaker Schedule

Our SAFS 100 Year Celebration and 2019 Bevan Symposium is only a few days away. Due to the overwhelming response registration has been closed as we have reached our capacity. We have arranged a special live-stream of the presentations using Zoom to FSH 203 for each day of presentations. If you wish to participate remotely you can also watch the presentations on your own devices. To access the Zoom live-stream, visit our website and click “watch online” under the day you wish to view. Additionally, presentations will be uploaded to our YouTube channel at a future date. 

We will also be fielding your questions online to our presenters and panelists throughout the day. To ask a question, visit pollev.com and enter SAFSCENTENNIAL, or text SAFSCENTENNIAL to 22333. 

You can download the full program here and individual day schedules are available on our website.

Please also explore our 100 Years of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Commemorative Stories, a beautiful book containing a collection of your centennial stories and accounts throughout SAFS’s rich history.