Summer Internship, Smithsonian marine Station (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Project Description

The Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO) program is currently seeking an
undergraduate or recent graduate for a summer internship at the Smithsonian Marine Station in
Ft. Pierce, Florida. MarineGEO ( is a network of global observation and
research sites that focuses on marine biodiversity, how is it changing, and how that affects the
structure and function of coastal marine ecosystems. Research includes long-term, rigorous
monitoring of important habitats as well as standardized, coordinated experiments with network
partners. The Smithsonian Marine Station is located adjacent to the Indian River Lagoon (IRL),
a biodiverse estuary on the east coast of central Florida. Responsibilities of the successful
applicant include data collection in a variety of habitats including seagrasses, oyster reefs,
mangroves, soft-sediments, and artificial structures as well as supporting ongoing field
experiments examining top-down effects on community structure. Learning objectives include
exposure to a diverse suite of marine invertebrate species as well as becoming familiar with
research conducted in multiple habitat-types in a biodiverse estuarine environment. Additional
experiments can be developed based on the applicant’s personal research interests. No diving is
expected but snorkeling is common.

Please send a cover letter expressing research interests and future goals as well as a current CV
with current undergraduate transcripts, and 2-3 letters of recommendation to Dean Janiak at The internship has a flexible time frame but a desired start date would be at or
around June 3. The weekly stipend in $400, not including housing. Please have application
materials in by 4/1.

Dean Janiak
Smithsonian Marine Station
701 Seaway Dr. Ft Pierce, FL 34949