2019 Summer pathways internships with NOAA

Please share these opportunities with students you know who might be interested.  There are several Pathways positions open within NMFS at several different locations.


NMFS-2019-0008, Pathways Summer Intern (Student Trainee Administrative Support), ZS-0399-2 (Path).  Open 02/05/2019-02/20/2019
Juneau AK, San Diego, Long Beach or Santa Cruz
NMFS-NWC-2019-0001, Pathways Summer Intern (Student Trainee Administrative Support), ZS-0399-1/2 (Path), Open 02/05/2019-02/20/2019
NMFS-2019-0009, Pathways Summer Intern (Student Trainee Biological Sciences), ZT-0499-1/2 (Path), Open 02/05/2019-02/20/2019
Seattle or Juneau
NMFS-NWC-2019-0002, Pathways Summer Intern (Student Trainee Information Technology), ZP-2299-1/2 (Path), Open 02/05/2019-02/20/2019
Seattle, Juneau or Newport, OR
NMFS-2019-0010, Pathways Summer Intern (Student Trainee Information Technology), ZP-2299-2 (Path), Open 02/05/2019-02/20/2019
San Diego, Santa Cruz or Silver Spring, MD
NMFS-2019-0012, Pathways Summer Intern (Student Trainee Biological Sciences), ZT-0499-2 (Path), Open 02/05/2019-02/20/2019
San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Cruz, Sacramento or Long Beach, CA