Field Assistant – University of Washington & King County

Field Assistant for a Floating Treatment Wetland Research Project

The University of Washington and King County has a great opportunity for a temporary hourly Field Assistant. The two have come together to carry out a project entitled “Floating Treatment Wetlands Reduce Contaminants & Nutrients in Urban Stormwater Runoff”. The purpose of the research is to test coho mortality from direct stormwater and to determine the necessary contact time for stormwater with the floating wetlands to adequately remove metals and contaminants that will significantly reduce coho juvenile mortality and adult pre-spawn mortality.
The field assistant will assist the Research Scientist to prepare for and conduct the experiment on juvenile coho this spring (planning on early March) and on pre-spawn coho this fall. This includes: help collect materials, assist with carrying out fieldwork and collecting necessary samples, record and analyze data collected, help organize testing and ensure quality standards are met.

Preferred Requirements – undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Washington, 2-3 years of experience in related field work or study, and knowledge of water quality issues, wetland science, and/or restoration ecology. The position will be paid through the UW.

Please send a short letter of interest and resume to Lizbeth Seebacher at Resumes will be reviewed starting on January 28th.