SEA Semester Applications Open for Fall 2019

While SEA Semester programs are not run by the University of Washington, the UW School of Oceanography affiliates with their programs such that you can earn UW Oceanography credit (OCEAN 496) for their courses, and they can then be applied to degree program requirements. Ask the marine biology adviser for more information about how these courses can apply to your Marine Biology major requirements.

Check out UW Marine Bio major Andrew Chin’s excellent profile of his experiences in the South Pacific last summer here.

Applications Open for Fall 2019

SEA Semester operates on a rolling admissions basis and accepts applications up to a year in advance. We’re therefore already filling our Fall 2019 programs! Three semester options are available to your students, including our new Climate & Society program. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis until all programs are full. Encourage your students to apply early!

Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems (August – November)

A humanities and social science focused program that takes an interdisciplinary look at the people and islands of Polynesia in an effort to learn what they can tell us about the global issues of environmental sustainability and cultural continuity. Open to all majors. American Samoa › Tonga › Fiji › Auckland.

Caribbean Reef Expedition (October – December)

This investigative science and policy semester examines the impacts of human actions on Caribbean coral reef ecosystems and the effectiveness of existing reef management strategies. Open to all majors. St. Croix › Barbuda › Montserrat › Tobago Cays › Grenada › Bonaire › St. Croix.

Climate & Society – NEW! (October – December)

A humantities and social science semester that explores the social and cultural impacts of climate change while engaging with stakeholders, community leaders, and policymakers addressing these issues at the local and global levels. Includes 10-days on the South Island of New Zealand. Auckland › Kermadec Islands › Napier › Great Barrier Island › Auckland.