FISH 427: Tropical Marine Biology

note: FISH 427 has been pre-approved as an ‘Organismal Processes’ elective for the Marine Biology Major, and can count towards the ‘Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Elective’ requirement for the Marine Biology Minor.
FISH 427A Tropical Marine Biology (5cr, NW) – MWF 1:30-2:20, W 9:30-12:20
By examining the biogeography, evolution, and ecology of coral reefs, mangroves, and sea grass beds, provides an integrated overview of tropical-systems biology. Integrates ecological and physiological concepts in order to show how anthropogenic stressors such as increased temperature, pollution, and ocean acidification can impact the resilience of tropical marine ecosystems.
Pre-reqs: FISH/OCEAN 270 or BIOL 220; FISH 290 or FHL333 or MARBIO305; STAT 311 or QSCI 381
Instructor: Jackie Padilla-Gamino (