12-week paid summer internship in biological oceanography (Puget Sound, WA)

Hello undergrads!

Dr. Danny Grunbaum and I have funding to support a 12-week paid summer intern in biological oceanography on a project studying how zooplankton swimming behaviors are affected by hypoxia and acidification in Puget Sound. We are using three approaches to study distributions and movements of zooplankton: 1) a video system that is deployed in situ on a vertically profiling ORCA mooring in Hood Canal, 2) cameras deployed on Lagrangian drifters on research cruises, and 3) zooplankton net tows to ground-truth the camera data.

This internship will include laboratory and field work. The intern will assist with building instruments for deployment on a research cruise (scheduled for late September), learn plankton microscope ID and in situ imaging methods, and conduct basic programming and statistical modeling under guidance by the professors. Timing of the 12-week internship during UW’s summer term (June-Sept) is flexible. Address any questions about this opportunity to me at jkeister@uw.edu. To apply, please submit a brief statement of career goals and your interest in the project including any potentially relevant skills (e.g., microscope or programming experience), name and contact information of two references, and your GPA to jkeister@uw.edu. The position is open to any undergraduate in the STEM fields. Rising juniors and seniors in Oceanography and SAFS, and students from under-represented groups, are especially encouraged to apply.


— Julie Keister Associate Professor UW Oceanography – Seattle