[course]: OCEAN 497C: Oceanography in the Service of Society

Hello students and faculty,

This spring, Tansy Burns and I will be offering a special topics course called Oceanography in the Service of Society.

This course will train students in application of key ideas and principles from Oceanography to address immediate societal needs in education, human health and aquaculture. Course content is designed to provide core knowledge, practical skills and real-world experience in Earth Sciences pedagogy and environmental monitoring.

This content is relevant to students aspiring to be skilled educators at the K-12 through University levels; to gain qualifications for a wide variety of jobs in environmental consulting, marine industries, or technology; or to be basic researchers in Oceanography with improved insight into applications of their work.

Students will work in small groups to undertake projects focused on C-STEM education or aquaculture-related environmental monitoring. Students will be mentored by the instructors and by practicing professionals in assessing needs, designing and implementing effective low-cost solutions, and reflecting on how Oceanography can and should contribute to societal well-being.

Projects may involve off-campus work trips to schools, aquaculture facilities or other relevant field sites.

The course is 3 credits. Students may sign up for OCE 497C (SLN 21431) or OCE 506 (SLN 21432). Students enrolled in the 500-level course will undertake additional activities in designing evidence-based learning frameworks for Earth Sciences teaching or analysis and synthesis of marine environmental monitoring data.

Meeting time is Wednesday, 4:30-7:20, in a single block to facilitate participation by working professionals. During project implementation, some class meetings may be replaced by working group meetings with instructors and practitioners.

Please contact Tansy Clay (tansy@uw.edu) or me (random@uw.edu) for further information.


Danny Gr├╝nbaum