REU: Ocean Global Change Biology at UCSB

Ocean Global Change Biology REU @ UCSB

The goal of the OGCB REU program is to provide students with a supportive
environment in which to conduct a student-led project on the impacts of
environmental change on marine and organisms and ecosystems.

Here at UCSB, we have a world-class research faculty and a community of
people that support and foster undergraduates in research experiences. Our
research program will run from June 25th -August 17th 2018.

For more information visit:

Applications Deadline: March 15, 2018

Application Materials:

  1. Transcript (unofficial transcript will be accepted)
  2. Personal statement (2-pages)
  3. C.V.
  4. List of completed coursework
  5. Two letters of recommendation

Send all application materials to: oceanchange-reu @