Undergraduate Research Assistant in School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences

Algae, Daphnia, Microbes, in Closed Ecological Systems

Starting in Summer 2017, with intention on staying and working in Frieda Taub’s lab (Professor Emerita)  for (possibly) two years. A part time position, around 10 hours a week (anywhere from 8-12 hours depending on the week) that is highly flexible to fit around a school schedule.

The student must be interested in Aquatic Ecology with science backgrounds or majors in SAFS/Microbiology/Ecology/Biology/Oceanography/Environmental Science. The lab currently is involved in aquatic chemistry, designing and setting up experiments, collecting data, running statistics, culturing organisms, designing posters/seminar slides, and writing publications.

Proficient skills in Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, and EndNote most helpful, as well as the willingness to understand and develop skills at new programs or features. Also must display high attention to detail on the computer and during lab procedures. Must be able to able to admit when they don’t know something or an error may have occurred, and that you are willing to learn new techniques and methodology. It is essential to have the ability to communicate (both written and orally) well. Having animal or microbial “culture” experience or interest is a plus: anything from amateur fish tanks to lab routines.

Please email Frieda Taub (taub@uw.edu) with your interest in aquatic ecology, experience culturing organisms, your unofficial transcript, references, and availability for Summer 2017 and the academic year 2017-2018.