[volunteer]: Fieldwork Opportunities on Lake Washington in October

We have one more month of fieldwork to wrap up this project on Lake Washington. I would love to have some help and share the fun of this fieldwork since it is so close to campus. People with all experience levels are welcome. You only need to be prepared to have a great time! Descriptions and dates for each sampling type are below. Email clarkc25@uw.edu for questions or to sign up

Mid-Water Trawling:
October 10: Acoustic survey
October 11, 12, and 13: Mid-water trawling
October 14: Weather makeup (tentative). Mid-water trawling

Gillnetting Dates:
October 18, 19, and 20

Purse Seining Dates:
October 25 and 26

Email me (clarkc25@uw.edu) to sign up or ask any questions. You can also put your name down on the Google.DOC, but email so I know how to contact you with details. Thank you!

Mid-Water Trawling

The first type of sampling is part of a study to estimate the abundance and distribution of pelagic plantivores in Lake Washington. This is done by conducting a paired acoustics and mid-water trawl survey. An acoustic survey will be completed on the first night of the survey and we will trawl over the next three nights. Sign up on the Google.DOC.
The second sampling opportunity is gill netting in Lake Washington to sample the on-shore food web. We will sample for three days in October, see below or the attached Google.DOC for dates. I am looking for 2-3 people each day to help pick nets, re-set nets, and process our catch. We start at 7:00am, get back to SAFS by 2-4:00 pm, and dissect target species from the day’s catch, which takes a couple of hours.
Purse Seining
The third type of sampling is purse seining in Lake Washington. We will be on the 70′ purse seine vessel MV Franciscan No.1. If you have not had a chance to see a larger type of sampling, this is a good opportunityget your hands wet. We will be sampling nights, see Google.DOC or below for dates, and each night we will leave from UW at 5:00pm and return by 6:00am, these times may shift based on sunset and sunrise but this is the longest we will be out. Each night we sample, I am looking for 2-3 volunteers to come out with us on the boat. You will be helping us to process the catch of planktivores as well as taking samples from any large fish.
What to bring?
We have gloves, heavy rubber raingear, life jackets, and boots in many sizes. Let me know your boot size(E.g. W8) if you need rubber boots. You will only need to bring appropriate clothing, a headlamp (for night work) or sunglasses (gill netting), and a lunch.