[internship]: Savannah State University Dolphin Sciences Lab (Savannah, GA)

The Savannah State University Dolphin Sciences Laboratory (SSUDS lab) is accepting applications for Fall 2016interns. There are 2 positions available. Application deadline is June 24th.

The SSUDS lab is located adjacent to the marsh on the campus of Savannah State University in coastal Georgia. The SSUDS lab and Dr. Tara Cox study spatial ecology and conservation biology of long-lived marine vertebrates, marine and coastal policy and management, and human interactions with marine mammals.Current projects include: Human-interaction behaviors (particularly begging), stock structure and abundance estimates, mother/calf distribution and habitat use, and diet of common bottlenose dolphins.

Interns will support graduate research on common bottlenose dolphins living in the local waterways. In addition, there may be opportunities to help other marine science graduate students with diverse fieldwork.

Dates: Aug 1st–Dec 16th(Start and end dates are flexible)

Location: Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia

Time: Interns are expectedto commit to ~ 30 hours per week and their time will be split between lab and field work. Dolphin surveys will be conducted 2 days per month.

Lab duties: photo-identification, data entry and double checking

Field duties: assisting with small boat-based photo-identification surveys including sighting dolphins, data recording, photography, and environmental measurements

Class: Interns are welcome to sit in on the Conservation Biology and/or Coastal Zone Management courses taught by Dr. Cox in the fall. Please note that hours spent in class do not count towards lab hours.

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