[job]: Americorps Conservation Scientist/Educator (US Fish & Wildlife Service; Seattle, WA)


The mission of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is “Working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.” The Washington Fish & Wildlife Office (USFWS) is recruiting three AmeriCorps service members to join our staff, partners and community members in order to expand our mission delivery. This includes biological field and lab assistance as well as education and outreach programming development and implementation. The field and lab components focus on recovery and monitoring projects including: Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon, the Elwha River recovery, three National Fish Hatcheries, and western Washington prairies. Duties to perform include: habitat restoration, habitat mapping, plant propagation, species monitoring, and sample collection and analysis. Fostering an informed and concerned general public will be a significant component as the importance of community members practicing stewardship cannot be overstated. AmeriCorps service members will educate and empower the public to practice personal stewardship as well as recruit and train volunteers to work alongside conservation professionals, thereby augmenting mission delivery. The need to inspire the next generation of advocates and professionals is instrumental to sustaining the conservation mission. As such, AmeriCorps service members will provide valuable educational experiences in various settings. Programming will include: classroom visits, field trips, hatchery visits, events, and camps. In addition to direct community engagement, AmeriCorps service members will be expected to share their experiences via social media. This will provide the public with personalized examples of what we do and why it is important, while serving as role models for youth. While college graduates are preferred, qualified undergraduates will be considered. Positions are contingent upon funding.

Accepting Applications from 5/16/2016 to 7/15/2016

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