[job]: Human Rights Project Manager, FishWise (Santa Cruz, CA)


FishWise is a sustainable seafood consultancy that promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems through environmentally and socially responsible practices. FishWise uses market-based approaches to achieve responsible business practices and create change on the water. This science-based and business-friendly approach has allowed FishWise to build partnerships and strong working relationships with industry, government, and NGOs.

We are seeking a Project Manager to advance social responsibility and protect human and labor rights within seafood supply chains. The Project Manager will be responsible for research, development, and execution of work plans on human rights, under the direction of the Project Director – Human Rights Lead. Work plan goals are threefold: 1) to create tools and recommendations that help the seafood industry improve traceability and eliminate products that are harvested illegally, or associated with human rights abuses, from their supply chains; 2) to facilitate discussions between key players to find novel solutions to human rights, labor, and social compliance challenges; and 3) to communicate progress and updates to a core group of NGOs, industry, and other stakeholders. The Project Manager will achieve these goals by building strong relationships with the seafood industry, government, academia, and NGOs.

Reporting: This position reports to the Project Director – Human Rights Lead.

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