[job]: Marine Animal Rescue Specialist, Marine Animal Rescue (California)



LOCATION: MAR’s authorized territory is Los Angeles County from Pacific Palisades to Long Beach and west to Catalina, California.

HOURS: 8 HOURS PER DAY 2 DAYS PER WEEK Be prepared to work long days from February to June.

SALARY: Commensurate with experience and skills

JOB DESCRIPTION: Must be available five days a week, 8 hours per day for response, rescue and transportation of marine animals. Will be responsible for accurately evaluating the condition of a stranded marine animal. Will be responsible for conducting rescue operations on beaches, rock jetties, docks and other common as well as uncommon stranding locations, and to learn the proper use of specialized marine animal rescue, transportation and safety equipment. Must be able to work in cooperation with local agencies and volunteers and be responsible to know all local, state and Federal laws pertaining to the rescuing of marine animals.

START: Within a few months


  • Provide background/references
  • A valid drivers license with no points
  • Minimum one year experience in rescuing seals and sea lions
  • Must correctly identify local marine animal species along with knowledge of birthing seasons and natural behaviors of marine animals
  • Some animal-related emergency medical experience
  • Must meet challenging physical fitness requirements
  • 24 hour Hazwhoper certificate
  • Small boat handling
  • Able to drive 4WD Pickup truck


  • Maintain rescue and transportation equipment
  • Responsible for school visits
  • Must be enthusiastic with good communication skills and be able to work with others, including Coast Guard, Lifeguards, Police, etc.
  • When on-call, must answer calls promptly
  • Must pass County Beach Safety Driving Course
  • Coordinate volunteers

MAR is looking for committed individuals who would like to make rescuing marine animals a career. Training will be provided by MAR to ensure continued high level of response for any marine animal calls. MAR will not consider candidates looking for a temporary position. Long-term applicants will be the only ones considered.

Send in your cover letter, resume and references to the email address below.

Contact: Peter Wallerstein, pw@marspecialists.org