Volunteer Field Assistant: Cetacean Research in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Daniele Cagnazzi (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Marine Ecology Research Centre, SCU) is currently accepting applications for three volunteer positions, for the Capricorn Cetaceans Project for the Australian winter season from the 7 of May to the first week of September 2015.

The primary aim of this project is to study inshore dolphin species primarily the Australian humpback dolphin and the Australian snubfin dolphin in the Southern Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia. More information about past and on-going projects can be found at:

Field work include daily coastal surveys conducted on a 6m centre console vessel. During field work we will applied standard techniques normally applied in inshore dolphins studies. Additionally we will also collect skin samples using PAXARM biopsy system for an on-going genetic and toxicology analyses .

This position is mainly for people with photo-identification experience, with a profound interest in cetaceans and a background in marine studies. This project offers the opportunity for undergraduate thesis.

Applications are considered for a minimum of two months but priority will be given to people applying for the entire period.

To apply

Submit your CV specifying when you could start and for how long you would like to commit to this project to daniele.cagnazzi@scu.edu.au