Part time jobs with Pacific Marine Research (education and diving)

Now Hiring for Spring 2016. Multiple positions available, ranging from 1 to 5 weekdays per week! Apply Today.

Pacific Marine Research PromoPacific Marine Research is a non-profit education organization seeking employees and volunteers to participate in a school field trip program based in Seattle.

Marine Science Afloat Program

Programs run Seasonally and features all-day Marine Science field trips on Puget Sound aboard ship, teaching marine science to students of all grade levels. Full time and Part time positions available for Spring of 2016 (weekdays mid March through mid-June). Starting $14 per hr. Marine Biology, Fisheries, Oceanography or Interpretive Education background required. Teaching areas: plankton sampling, microscope work, benthic and pelagic species, water quality and stewardship, ecology, scuba, and geology. To apply please e-mail cover letter and resume to:


PMR is searching for volunteers to assist shipboard Biologist/Instructors: Volunteers must be able to commit to volunteering a minimum of one weekday per week 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. for the full length of Spring season.

We prefer volunteers who have Marine Science or Interpretive Education background. Volunteers will get training in marine life identification and will assist the shipboard biologists in conducting various classes. Volunteers will have the opportunity of working with students in, plankton sampling classes, Microscope lab, & Touch Tank Classes. Good Communications skills are required.

To Apply e-mail

Part-time Professional Divers

Pacific Marine Research is seeking a professional and highly skilled scuba divers on a part-time basis. The divers will participate in a marine science field trip program for Seattle school children. Duties include performing a 20 – 30 minute bottom time dive using full-face mask with communication system and video camera to explore and describe underwater plant and animal life to students viewing the video signal from a vessel nearby.

The diver should be familiar and comfortable with use of full-face mask (Interspiro Divator), and will be trained to use the video camera.

The divers will meet the vessel near Alki Point, then swim out to dive site with full gear on, video camera and tethered transmitter will be transferred to them. Divers will then descend to the bottom (no deeper than 70 feet) and explore the area, sending live video pictures and narration back to the vessel where the students will watch on monitors and ask questions of the diver through the two-way comm. system.

The diver will be hired as an independent contractor, and must have a business license and are responsible for there own insurance. The dive will occur daily at about 12:30 PM Employment is seasonal. The schedule is flexible to the extent that several divers share this position and dates worked can be worked out between contractors.

Our contract divers on different days are contracted for different diving duties.

The primary diver (diver wearing full face mask) will be paid $85.00 for the ~ ½ hour bottom time dive.

Our contract divers will also be employed on some days they are not the primary divers to serve as diver assistants. Contract diver assistants are paid $60.00 for the ~1/2 hour bottom time dive.

The primary diver also has the option if they wish of utilizing volunteer diver assistants. Primary divers who choose to utilize volunteer assistants are responsible for screening assistants for suitability.

Divers will be responsible for supplying all personal dive gear, air fills and transportation. Knowledge about marine life and good verbal skills required.

This is a fun and flexible opportunity. This program has been in operation since 1985.

To apply please e-mail cover letter and resume to in the subject line please put “your name Diver Position