Spring course: Socio-Environmental Data Analysis Workshop (ENVIR 495C)

All of us at UW Marine Bio know that ‘people’ are a critical part of the marine environment. Consider this course to look into socio-environmental data.

ENVIR 495C: Socio-Environmental Data Analysis Workshop (SLN: 14143)

Instructor: Yen-Chu Weng (yweng@uw.edu)
MW 11:30-12:50 (MGH 044)
Open to juniors, seniors, and graduate Students

This course is a practical workshop on analyzing socio-environmental data. We will explore methods for analyzing quantitative and qualitative data ranging from social and environmental topics. This is an upper-level data analysis course. Students are expected to have basic understanding of data types and collection methods prior to taking this course. Key topics to be covered include: 1) tabulation of data and descriptive statistics, 2) charting data and visualization, 3) hypothesis testing, 4) correlation and regression, 5) analysis of qualitative data, and 6) spatial analysis. The overarching objective of this course is to practice quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills and be able to present a scientifically informed narrative based on research data. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

ENVIR 495C Spring 2016 Flyer