Scientific Diving (AAUS) Certification Course at FHL August 2016

FHL Dive Cert 2016We’re pleased to announce that we will be able to offer a course this August. It will be a two-week intensive course starting August 15th (so students will need to arrive by the afternoon of August 14th) and ending Saturday August 27th. Cost details are still being finalized, but the total will be approximately $2500 (including room&board, DAN Basic Life Support, Rescue and Nitrox, and AAUS scientific diver certification). Students will complete a minimum of 12 dives during the course.

Applications will be due by Friday April 15th, but you may apply any time before that date.

Please contact the UW DSO Will Love,, or contact me, Pema Kitaeff,, with any questions you have about this course or about becoming a scientific diver.

[Application & more information about the class]

[AAUS: American Academy of Underwater Sciences]