Summer 2016 Course: Biology & Biodiversity of Fishes of NW Florida & the Gulf of Mexico

dates: May 30 – June 10
location: The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory

Course Description

ZOO 4454 & ZOO 5935 (4 hrs)
Prerequisites: Core Biology Courses (e.g., BSC 2010, BSC 2011 lectures & labs or their equivalents, or permission of the instructor)

This course provides an overview of the evolution, systematics, morphology, ecology, physiology, and life history of the most diverse group of vertebrates on earth, the fishes. Subjects will be presented through highly-illustrated lectures, diverse field experiences and a series of laboratory exercises.

The field component is quite strong, introducing students to estuarine, marine, and freshwater habitats in the region. Students will gain hands-on experience with capture methods for species ranging from small stream fishes to large sharks.

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