Study at Friday Harbor Labs in Spring Quarter


Spend spring quarter studying in residence at the UW’s marine field station at Friday Harbor Labs.

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  • Explore the marine environment of the Salish Sea where your classroom is a marine preserve, and the boats are just steps away from your dorm.
  • Courses for all levels from introductory marine biology to advanced research apprenticeships.
  • Get to know your teachers with class sizes frequently less than 20 students.

Spring Courses

Courses may be applied to a Minor in Marine Biology. Check with your major adviser to see if they can apply to your major. Application deadline for spring quarter is Feb. 1.

Marine Biology Quarter (select 3-5 courses from the list; 12 cr. minimum)

Students starting their exploration of the marine environment build a schedule of courses from the list below. Full course descriptions.

  • FISH/OCEAN/BIOL 250: Marine Biology (5 cr.) no pre-reqs
  • FHL 333: Science Writing for Diverse Audiences (3, 5 cr.) no pre-reqs
  • Q SCI 381: Intro to Probability & Statistics (5 cr.) MATH 120 or placement score required
  • OCEAN 330: Marine Biogeochemical Cycles (5 cr.) pre-req: OCEAN 210; OCEAN 295, BIOL 200 FHL 490: Marine Sciences Seminar (1 cr.) no pre-reqs

Zoo-Bot Quarter (3 courses with optional seminar; 16-17 cr.)

A fixed schedule of three integrated courses, including an individual research project mentored by FHL faculty and instructors. Pre-req: appropriate background in biological sciences and a high interest in solving questions. Full course descriptions.

  • FHL/BIOL 430: Marine Zoology (5 cr.)
  • FHL 440/BIOL 445: Marine Botany (5 cr.)
  • FHL 470: Marine Biology Research (6 cr.)
  • (optional, but recommended) FHL 490: Marine Sciences Seminar (1 cr.)


Spring or summer application deadline: February 1, 2016

Current UW undergraduates only need to submit an online application form and transcript copies.


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UW Marine Biology Adviser: Joe Kobayashi:

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