New Oceanography course: Marine Biogeochemical Cycles

New course for Winter 2016
Ocean 330 Marine Biogeochemical Cycles

The distribution of life and chemical elements in the ocean, the relationship between them and the physical processes affecting these patterns. Emphasis on how marine organisms and the structure of marine ecosystems influence the fate of carbon and other elements in the ocean.

Instructors- Gabrielle Rocap ( and Alex Gagnon (

Course Overview and Structure:

The oceans play a key role in the biogeochemical cycling of elements on our planet. This course will follow the flow of elements and energy through the open ocean from production to export, with a focus on understanding the key mechanisms that result in the patterns we observe.

Formal class meetings will consist of 3 format types. Twice weekly lectures (50 min) will present new material and concepts. Twice weekly seminar style classes (110 min) will be used for a mixture of in class activities, computer laboratories and small and large group discussions of readings that relate to the week’s topic. Finally, weekly quiz sections (50 min) led by the TA will provide an opportunity for group problem solving activities.

Prerequisites: OCEAN 210 and BIOL 200 and OCEAN295 or CHEM152 or CHEM220
The best-prepared students for this course will have backgrounds in the large scale circulation of the ocean (OCEAN 210) and the fundamentals of biology (BIOL 200) and chemistry (OCEAN 295 or CHEM152 or CHEM220). Contact the instructors if your background does not include these requirements; alternatives such as OCEAN 200, OCEAN/FISH/BIOL 250, or BIOL 180 may be accepted on a case by case basis.

To Register:

OCEAN 330 will temporarily be listed as OCEAN 497C. Please sign up for under this SLN. By the time Winter Quarter starts, it should have the correct number.


M W 1030-1120 OTB 205
T TH 0930-1120 OTB 205