You share a passion for studying life in the ocean with a large community of Marine Biologists: students, teachers, and scientists.

IMG_5111They all had to start somewhere, and here are some our recommendations for first steps:

Explore what Marine Biologists Do

You might be surprised at what Marine Biologists study, and how they work. Marine Biologists can study microscopic organisms, work with autonomous underwater vehicles, and can use math to estimate the number of fish we can harvest from the ocean. Read the stories of our faculty and our students. Explore jobs for Marine Biologists.

Study Science, Math and Writing

Take advantage of any opportunity to take courses in math, science (biology, chemistry and physics), and writing as these are the foundation of the skills scientists need. You will use these skills a lot, and you want to check for how much you enjoy studying these subjects. Read more about what to study depending on what grade you’re in.

Get your Hands Wet

Marine Biologists need to spend time ‘in the field’ for study and research, and they love to get their hands dirty! Don’t wait till college to do this: there are many summer camps, courses, and volunteer opportunities for K-12 students. Doing any of these will prepare you for college, teach you more about marine biology, and most importantly – be a lot of fun!

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