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Graham Young

Research areas

Graham Young’s interests are in the fundamental regulatory mechanisms driving reproduction, developmental processes such as the salmonid parr-smolt transformation and eel metamorphosis, and the stress response. A major focus of his current research is on reproduction of teleost fishes, largely targeting the role of hormones in male and female germ cell development, and the regulation of expression of reproduction-related genes. He has begun several lines of research into the effects of endocrine-disrupting contaminants on salmonid fishes. He also is undertaking studies that may ultimately result in the ability to measure physiological variables in migrating fish through data gathering via PIT tags.  His lab also conducts work related to aquaculture. We He has worked with industry on accelerating and synchronizing maturation in salmonids, investigated induced maturation/spawning protocols for eels and assessed growth and reproduction in the several fish candidate fish species for aquaculture.